Calibration Services

We offer a comprehensive calibration and repair service for most measuring devices and will always endeavour to repair an item where it makes economical sense, therefore maintaining calibration history and confidence in the item's measurement results.

We can also supply new inspection, measuring and test equipment at very competitive prices and when combined with our calibration and repair service we can act as your organisation's complete gauge room facility.

UKAS Accredited Calibration
Calibration of your instruments via UKAS accredited procedures whilst adhering to relevant British Standards, ensuring accuracy and traceability to the nation's primary measurement standards. Calibration certificates are issued bearing the UKAS calibration logo. Details of our scope of accreditation can be found by clicking on the UKAS logo below.

You can rest assured that our staff, equipment, techniques and reference standards have been thoroughly assessed by UKAS experts and we are routinely audited by UKAS, so our standards never drop.

We are accredited by UKAS to calibrate the following instruments:

  • External Micrometers
  • Internal Micrometers
  • Depth Micrometers
  • Bench Micrometers
  • Micrometer Heads
  • Dial Gauges
  • Dial Test Indicators
  • Vernier Calipers
  • Vernier Height Gauges
  • Vernier Depth Gauges
  • Micrometer Setting Standards
  • Cylindrical Setting Standards
  • Plain Gap Gauges
  • Plain Plug Gauges
  • Plain Ring Gauges
  • Plain Setting Rings
  • Occasionally, where modified gauges with unusual features or conditions that deviate from original design require UKAS calibration, we may need to discuss and agree the information to be included on the certificate and the way in which the deviations should be reported.

    Decision Rules
    Unless inherent in the specification or standard, the default decision rule adopted by the laboratory will be that the acceptance band will equal the tolerance band with zero guard bands (shared risk or simple acceptance). This decision rule will only be applied where the uncertainty of measurement, at the 95% confidence level, will be considered to assure that the Test Uncertainty Ratio (TUR) is ≥ 1 (reference ILAC G8 section 6).
    Where the TUR is lower than 1, no statement of conformity is possible.

    If you require us to apply other conformity statements or specific decision rules to the calibration results, then please feel free to discuss your requirements with us. Generally we can agree to apply such decision rules & statements where they are considered inherent in an applicable calibration specification or standard, including customer specifications.

    Traceable (non-UKAS) Calibration
    We can also calibrate a wide range of other gauges and instruments that are not listed on our UKAS schedule including pressure, torque and electrical equipment. In all cases we follow relevant international standards and customer specifications. All of our calibration procedures offer unbroken traceability back to primary national standards and are subject to the same controls as applied to our UKAS accredited procedures.

    We can calibrate the following instruments:

  • Pressure Gauges up to 16,000psi
  • Torque Wrenches
  • Surface Roughness Measuring Equipment
  • Multimeters
  • Engineers Squares
  • Straight Edges
  • Bevel Protractors and Combination Sets
  • Feeler Gauges
  • Angle Plates
  • Thermocouples
  • Steel Tapes
  • Bench Verniers
  • If you can't see your instrument listed, we may be able to calibrate your instrument anyway or alternatively arrange for its calibration via one of our approved sub-contractors.

    We hold an extensive range of spares for most makes of hand held dimensional instruments including digital & manual micrometers, dial gauges and calipers. In addition, we have specialist machinery to recondition measuring faces and can often repair instruments that others might describe as beyond repair, thus saving expensive replacement costs and maintaining gauge history.

    New Equipment
    We supply a vast range of dimensional metrology instruments ranging from small hand held tools to high accuracy gauge room instruments, often with a reasonable discount off manufacturer's list prices.